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Wow! I feel slim & trim already! Thank you so much for the special detox treatment. Totally amazing! My clients will be happy to know there is something out there that really works! Thanks again for coming in to give me the treatment.


KL, Aesthetician/Owner

Dear Diane,
I must say I was extremely impressed with the work that you did with Mr. S-. I was actually quite astounded when I saw how much improvement he had from his original state. I certainly expected some degree of improvement from the treatment, but the speed at which the induration resolved was quite surprising.

  Roger P. Friedenthal, MD
Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery
California Pacific Medical Center 3838 California Street San Francisco, CA 94118

Diane made a tremendous difference with my recuperation and healing process. After several treatments with her after my liposuction, I completely feel like a new person and totally decongested. Thank you so much Diane.


While I love Jouvence the crowning jewel is definitely Diane. The personal attention and individualism she provides is truly amazing. I’ve had massages in well known spas in South Beach, Chicago, etc. and Diane is by far the best experience I’ve ever had!


After having trouble with my neck, Diane was able to really loosen the muscle up very well. I love getting work done by Diane.


Can I adopt you? Your massages are pure indulgence – something I’m going to make a more regular habit of…It’s just a little piece of Heaven! Thank you so much!


I love your professionalism and knowledge. The firming treatment is a miracle.


I am very pleased with the results of my Lymphatic sessions following liposuction – Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou!


I am so pleased with the results of the cellulite treatments that after 8 sessions I have traded in my series for massage sessions and will go on a maintenance program.


After 8 of the 10 sessions for cellulite, I felt comfortable for the 1st time buying shorts – amazing!


You are an angel from heaven. My shoulder was in so much pain, I could barely move my arm, but after the first massage and ultrasound treatment it had dramatically improved, and by the second treatment I am pain free – you are Burlingame’s miracle worker!


Wonderful – I have visited spas and have had at least 30-40 massages by different therapists and this by far was one of THE best!


My lymphatic treatments following facial plastic surgery were wonderful. You have a wonderful touch, my swelling and bruising went down and I truly feel I had an easier recovery than if I had not had the 4 sessions.