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Body Therapy

Pre & Post Surgery

European InfraRed Bodywrap




Clients come from all over the San Mateo and San Francisco Bay Areas to receive synergistic, comprehensive therapies for lymphatic drainage massage, Far Infrared Body treatments and custom, specialized sessions.

Enhance your quality of health, relax, rejuvenate and achieve balance.  All products contain organic synergies, homeopathic and herbal infusions, and the highest quality ingredients available.

Clinical & Restorative Bodywork

Classic Body Therapies are combined with the latest technologies for optimum results. Your session may utilize advanced therapeutics such as LED/DPL (deep penetrating light), LLLT or low level laser therapy, ultrasound, microcurrent and/or vacu-therapy medical massage cupping. Your session is tailored specifically for you with a variety of European bodywork techniques and therapies providing you with a completely customized session each time.

LLLT/LED are photon wavelengths that increase circulation and open lymphatic pathways, assists in wound healing and decreases inflammation

Ultrasound is a high speed soundwave that helps breakdown or soften scar tissues and metabolic substances that “glue” connective tissues together.

Microcurrent & Vacu-therapy help flush the toxins and acids and release restricted tissues.


Scar Tissue Release: Scar tissue adhesions can be on the surface of the skin from a wound or surgery, but it also affects the underlying fascia around the muscles where pain patterns emerge, restricted movement happens, or swelling of hands, feet or legs may occur from sluggish or blocked lymphatic movement.

Oncology Massage: a much needed, comforting and therapeutic session while undergoing chemo or radiation treatments, recovering from surgery or after treatment as a way to strengthen the immune system and assist the body in removing the chemicals and medications.  Specialized treatments address many of the symptoms commonly found during and after treatment as well as providing a destressing time to feel nurtured.  Sessions may combine light massage, lymphatic drainage therapy, reflexology and other modalities as necessary.

Lymphatic Drainage Therapy:  This light, very relaxing session helps to detoxify, remove metabolic wastes, improve circulation, reduce swelling, boost immune function, assist in surgery healing and in overall health and wellness.  I use both hands on techniques as well as Vacu-therapy medical massage cupping along with botanical oils and serums to enhance results.  Please see article Lymphatic Therapy for detailed information by clicking here.

  30 Minutes $65
45 Minutes $95
60 Minutes $125
75 Minutes $155
90 Minutes $185
Infrared Therapy Wrap
(added before or after a session)
15m + $15
30m + $30

Medi-cupping Therapy

Medical Massage Cupping - “Unglue” soft tissue layers with this amazing technique to restore fluid movement, fight inflammation, decongest lymph and stagnations and slow degeneration.

A full body treatment, facial or sinus pain treatment, or as an add-on for specific areas incorporated into your bodywork session.

30 Minutes $65
45 Minutes $100
60 Minutes $130


(Please see Pre & Post Surgery… article
for more information.)

Pre Surgery Body Prep

Sessions help prepare the body for surgery to assist in an easier recovery, lessen scar tissue, improve immune function and increase circulation to the surgical site. "Clear" the cellular debris and congestion and give a cleaner pathway for your body to remove inflammation, medications and surgical by-products. 1-3 sessions recommended

Post Surgery Accelerated Healing

Advanced therapies incorporate traditional Lymphatic Drainage techniques with LED, Microcurrent and/or Ultrasonic to assist you with:

  • Pain Relief
  • Decreased Swelling & Bruising
  • Scar Reduction and Softening
  • Lymphatic Drainage and Cleansing
  • Reduced lumpiness associated with liposuction

These light, non-invasive treatments can start just days after your surgery, with best results in the 1st month up to 3 or more months out, as many surgeries take the body up to one year to fully heal.

I specialize in and have worked with clients for 20 years following cosmetic, reconstructive and specialized surgeries including: Liposuction, Tummy Tuck, BBL, Fat Transfer, Facial & Reconstructive, Rhinoplasty, Breast Augmentation, Lymph Node Removal, C-section recovery, shoulder, hip and knee replacements, surgical scars and more.

  30 Minutes $65
45 Minutes $100
60 Minutes $130
75 Minutes $160
90 Minutes $190
*Series of 5 or more save 15%
*Prepaid packages are non-refundable and no show or last minute cancellations forfeit their session.


European InfraRed Bodywrap

The Most Advanced BodyWrap using InfraRed AND Microcurrent

This detoxifying, full body rejuvenation treatment is the hottest new slimming treatment from France!  Deep, penetrating heat increases circulation, burns stored fat utilizing up to 1800 calories, reactivates normal cell function and deep cleanes the skin and lymph.  Jumpstart your weightloss and exercise routines while invigorating your entire system to look and feel your best. The only bodywrap incorporating 2 types of microcurrent to boost lymphatic function, ATP production for cellular energy, along with increased collagen/elastin production to tone skin.

A selection of 3 creams are applied to the body during this treatment - an Elimination compound with active ingredients, is applied to the entire body, acting as a "barrier" over the skin, making your body work harder to perspire resulting in fat cells releasing fatty acids first to provide energy. Next we apply a Local Elimination compound to targeted problem areas, and to finish your session, you will receive a Lipo-Dispersive cream to infiltrate fat cell layers and continue to stimulate the release of toxins and cellular debris.

FAR InfraRed Energy promotes:

  • Weight Loss
  • Decreased Body Fat
  • Detoxification
  • Enhanced Circulation
  • Pain Relief
  • Skin Rejuvenation - cellulite reduction, stretch marks, dull, dry skin

Ultrasonic promotes:

  • Break down of fat cells
  • Increase in elasticity of connective tissue
  • Increased circulation and elimination of toxins

Microcurrent/LED promotes:

  • Activation of cellular ATP (energy)
  • Smooth, firmer skin tone with boosted collagen production
  • Increase in lymphatic drainage and circulation

Dr. Oz Recommends InfraRed Therapy

As seen on Oprah's Extreme Life Extension Show

To obtain optimal results, treatments should be used done in a series. Results may vary depending on body composition. Consultation available for your treatment options.

Allow 75-90 min. per session.

  Inroductory Session $165
3 Series $420
6 Series $780

FIT BodyWrap

Perfect for clients who have done the InfraRed wraps and "know the program" or want a simplified version. Save some money and DIY. You apply your own creams then hop in the blanket. I set your temp/timer. Note - There is no massage, microcurrent or ultrasonic applications in this wrap. Allow 70 minutes.

  1 Session $99
3 Series $250
6 Series $399

9 Series (just $55 per session!)


Progressive Detox

Ideal for the person on a detox or cleansing program, or if your system is feeling sluggish. With each session you will eliminate progressively more toxins, increase lymphatic cleansing, oxygenate cells and boost your immune system. Sessions combine lymphatic techniques to stimulate your bodies natural cleansing process using our Jade & Burdock serums, along with Infrared Thermal heat to purge toxins. The top layer of toxins release in the first few minutes of sweating and as the sessions build on each other, deeper layers of toxins are brought to the surface to be eliminated. Allow 45 min. 2-3x week

  4 series $380
6 series $540
8 series $680



Tuesday - Friday 8:30am - 5:00pm


Prices are all-inclusive, tipping is not expected
Cancellations - A missed appointment is a loss to us both. Please provide 24 hours' notice if cancellation is necessary. Otherwise you will be asked to honor payment.
Sessions - Please be on time in order to get the most from your visit. Appointments begin and end at the scheduled times. Sessions begun late, due to a late arrival, will end at the scheduled time. Short sessions due to client lateness are full-price unless accommodations are made.